Your data, your choice

To withdraw your consent to all Safeconnecty/Paywax services, exercise your right to be forgotten or your right to object to the processing that Safeconnecty/Paywax may make of your personal data, simply click on the button below:

What will change?

Disabling Safeconnecty/Paywax services will result in: If you wish to extend your choice to other browsers or to other devices, we invite you to repeat the operation from each of them.

When it will change?

Safeconnecty/Paywax will stop providing the services right now, and delete all stored data on each website when you'll visit them again.

Is the change permanent?

Your choice will be saved in a dedicated cookie stored in your browser. This allows us to ensure the technical preservation of your choice by minimizing the impact on your privacy since no information will be stored in our systems on this subject. If you delete this cookie or update your device’s operating system, we may no longer be able to remember your choice. In which case, we invite you to simply repeat the operation. Please also note that some mobile applications may use or rely on a technical feature called “webview” that allows app developer’s to display web applications or web pages directly in their application without leaving the application to open your usual browser. A webview can be independent both of your usual browser and the mobile application environment. Therefore we would recommend to opt out also from this specific environment if you do not want to be served with Safeconnecty/Paywax services.